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Your experience is tailored to your individual personality. The Truband Q©. allows you to discover qualities about your own personality and learn which of the Truband groups represent people around the world who share your personality type. Discover that world by first discovering "What's Tru About You." Your personal Truband experience is only a few clicks away.
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Truband Live Connect

Truband is a worldwide community. Here you'll chat with friends from school, instant message with family, or find new friends on the other side of the world. Regardless of location, Truband connects people by their universal need for fun! Post pictures, give your opinion, and share your world with people like you as well as those with a different spin on life.


Truband Games – Challenge Yourself!

Fun is at the core of your Truband experience as you duck, dodge, strategize and navigate the Truband Games Zone. Our online games are quick and easy to learn -- and TOTALLY ADDICTIVE! Challenge the computer or play against other Truband members. Each game earns you valuable Truband Points that will unlock hidden features and qualify you for discounts in the Truband Mall. Truband's Games Zone keeps the fun going!


Discover New Artists and New Music

Enter the Truband Music Planetarium, where music is all around you. Our music site highlights music from emerging artists, side by side with classic hits you know and love. Truband users vote which songs to keep in the music library and which songs should make way for something fresh.


The Bandhouse - A Social Networking Entertainment Innovation

One key benefit of Truband membership is exclusive access to your group's luxurious Bandhouse. Each Bandhouse is a unique, sprawling virtual mansion with its own character and hidden treasures. Your Bandhouse is where you socialize with your worldwide band family. It's also home to loads of awesome content reflecting your interests and personality. Looking for workout tips? Visit your Bandhouse's gym for ideas on staying fit or chatting with like-minded house members. Into movies or video games? Your Bandhouse's Media and Game rooms offer blogs, discussion groups and a world of activities around your favorite TV shows, video games or films. Maybe the Bandhouse Recording Studio can spark your creativity. The Bandhouse is an endless resource for interaction with your band family and Truband content. Whether it's a hidden prize, or a band-vs.-band challenge, the Bandhouse is your home for excitement.

All this and more... exclusively for members. Take the Truband Q and discover What's Tru About You!
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