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Content Submissions - Copyrights in Your Content

  1. Content That You Provide: As a registered member of TrubandOnline, you may be allowed to submit content, including artwork, images, and textual content.
  2. Your Rights
    1. Copyright protection is really a bundle of rights that exist in "original works of authorship," including the exclusive right to reproduce, duplicate, distribute, sell, publicly perform (if applicable), and create derivative works of your original works of authorship.
    2. Hosting, displaying, and viewing content on a website necessarily involves the exercise of some or all of these rights, and this exercise cannot be done without the author's permission.


  1. We Need Permission to Display Your Content
    1. TrubandOnline does not claim any ownership rights to your content. However, if you choose to upload and display your works, including artwork, on TrubandOnline as a member, then Trubandneeds your permission (a "license") to make your content available through TrubandOnline.
    2. The limited "license" that you grant to Trubandis the legal way to give Truband the permissions we need to display your artwork within the TrubandOnline web site or allow you to share or exchange your artwork with other Trubandmembers.
    3. This license terminates at the moment you choose to remove from the Truband Online web site your artwork or other original works of authorship.
  2. Permission Our Users Need to View Your Content: In addition, if you choose to upload, display for or exchange with other members your works, including artwork, then those Trubandmembers need your permission (a "license") to display those works within their profiles, on signatures, in messaging, and on other places at the TrubandOnline web site.
  3. License Limitations: A "license" is not an assignment of rights, but rather just grants permission to exercise limited rights in your works under certain conditions. None of the above mentioned licenses extend outside of our website, and your permission to Trubandand other Trubandmembers lasts only as long as your work remains on the TrubandOnline web site.
  4. Content Submission Rules: Please note that you must own or have the legal right to use and authorize Trubandto use, copy, distribute and display all parts of any works that you upload, download and otherwise copy, distribute and display. Content provided to you by others, or made available through websites, magazines, books and other sources, are protected by copyright and should not be uploaded, downloaded, or otherwise copied, distributed or displayed without the consent of the copyright owner or as otherwise permitted by law.

Disclaimer & Copyrights:

AniHQ, TrubandInteractive Inc, Studio XD, and all affiliated developers of Truband Online will not be held responsible for (1) any content generated by TrubandOnline users/members or (2) content that exists through any links posted on the Truband Online website.

AniHQ, TrubandOnline and all images associated with TrubandOnline are © Copyright 2003 - 2009 TrubandInteractive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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