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Founded: 2007, United States of America

Company Overview

Truband is a first-of-its-kind platform that customizes to the user's personality, individual preferences and sensibilities to provide a unique and stimulating experience comprising a variety of activities and entertainment spanning the wide expanse of the social media landscape. Built on a dynamic, cloud-based platform and comprising multiple revenue streams, Truband is a fresh concept that brings value, community and fun to the action-packed world of social media.

Upon entry to the site, users are asked to complete the Truband Q, a 36 point questionnaire that receives information about the individual users' personality and likes/dislikes, to sort them by color band that then allows the user to be guided to other suggestions for music or games based on their preferences as well as connect with others on the site who share their interests.

Truband represents a truly innovative development of user-generated and customized social media entertainment that allows users to be entertained, connect with others who share common interests, and build community while growing and having fun.

Some key elements to the custom Truband experience include:

  • Music Planetarium - Discover new music, hear familiar songs and artists, and rate songs on the Truband Top 100 charts.
  • Game Zone - Earn Truband points to unlock hidden levels and receive discounts on site-wide merchandise playing a wide selection of quick, engaging games.
  • Bandhouse - Enter the sprawling virtual team house that is unique to users of each color band. Through chat and surprise challenges, users can interact with other band members who are in the same room to connect on shared interests and have fun.
  • The Mall - Apply Truband discounts to a constantly changing variety of merchandise from Truband's partners.
  • Live Connect - Join live chat sessions on issues of the day, post pictures, and connect with friends and those who share things in common.
  • Truband Quizzes - Participate in a variety of quiz challenges and even create your own!

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