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At, our mission is to connect our users with content that speaks to their individual personality and style. Toward that end, Truband helps brand marketers leverage our highly personalized user experience with users that are uniquely appropriate to their overall marketing goals.
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Truband is committed to the highest quality of content and our advertisers are also a reflection of our commitment to excellence in user content. Together, and it's advertising partners provide an enhanced user experience unlike anything else on the web. Your brand can be a part of our "evolutionary" fresh approach to social media.


Truband employs a marketing approach with direct author involvement that ensures your brand is not only relevant to the context, but truly enhances the conversation. We ensure that your campaign will never appear next to content that's objectionable or that conflicts with the mission of your brand. At Truband, you're not just an advertiser, you're a marketing partner.


Truband delivers the most valuable, savvy, and influential unique users on the Web. Truband's content partners foster large communities that are passionate and knowledgeable. When your message appears in this context, it gets noticed.

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